The Airbitat Advantage

Our world
is getting hotter
The world we live in is warming at an unprecedented pace. Rising temperatures create increasing heat stress, especially in the cities that we live, work and play.

Existing technologies are too energy intensive, impractical and unfortunately deliver limited cooling in warm, humid climates.

Now, more than ever, we need a new approach to sustainable cooling, to help cities beat the heat.
No ordinary cool
Welcome to Airbitat deep cooling
Airbitat Smart Coolers sets a new standard in deep tangible cooling. It cools deeper than conventional coolers in all hot climates, creating a refreshing cool that you can truly feel.

Inspired by nature’s way of evaporative cooling and powered by our unique Reevac™ Deep Cooling Technology, Airbitat Smart Coolers outperforms effortlessly, even in typically challenging hot and humid climates.

All this with no refrigerants, compressor and negligible heat waste.
Deep Cooling
Airbitat Smart Coolers accelerate nature’s way of evaporative cooling. Through the innovative Reevac™ Deep Cooling Technology, the cooling cycle is supercharged and achieves ultra-cool temperatures through a multi-pass cooling process. It’s nature’s way, only so much better.
Engineered for
sustainable cooling
Airbitat Smart Coolers are engineered from the ground up to be eco-smart in every way. It deftly converts precious resources into pure cooling power, all with a lightweight resource footprint.

Whether in a portable form factor or embedded into large-scale applications, you can be sure that Airbitat Smart Coolers will meet your every demand.

Revolutionary performance
in all hot climates
Bring Airbitat’s deep cooling power wherever, whenever you need it in a new world of possibilities – outdoor public areas, industrial workplaces, commercial spaces and more.

Engineered to be supremely eco-friendly and energy-smart, you’ll feel the cool like never before.